71 year Old Vince McMahon Still Jacked

Recently a photo of Vince McMahon coming out of a gym in Atlanta was tweeted out by user @TattooedJuggalo. Despite the fact that Vince is now north of 70 years old, he is still a workout fanatic who still keeps a regular workout schedule in the gym

Although he sustained an injury back in September during training and had to have surgery to repair whatever injury he sustained (The WWE didn’t elaborate at the time), “The Genetic Jackhammer” was back to work so after and still keeps up his workout regimen.

Despite his advancing age, McMahon has stayed relatively injury free over the years. He avoided injury after a car accident a few months back and other than the ill reported injury last year, is still quite healthy for a man of 71. Despite what he may tell everyone around him, Vince is not invincible though, infamously tearing both of his quad muscles during the 2005 Royal Rumble event when he had to make an unscheduled trip to the ring after the ending of the Rumble match was botched between John Cena and Batista. After sitting in the gorilla position for over three hours and then power walking to the ring as only Vince can, He ruptured the muscles in both legs sliding into the ring and had to make the judgment sitting on the mat. He was then helped backstage off camera. Don’t forget to stretch!

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