Abandoned By Parents, Selfless Bengaluru Constable Breastfeeds One-Day-Old Baby Girl

A one-day-old baby girl, dumped by the roadside and bitten by ants, got a chance at life when a 25-year-old constable from Yelahanka police station took on the role of her mother on Wednesday.

Sangitha S Halimani volunteered to breastfeed the infant who was found unwrapped and shivering in the bone-chilling cold at GVVK campus near Yelahanka on Wednesday morning. Civil defence wardens saved her from freezing to death and took her to the nearby government hospital.

The infant was fed with formula milk and was on IV fluids before Sangitha came to the hospital. “The baby reminded me of my daughter. When I saw her, I felt like feeding her and asked doctors if I could nurse her. She seemed like a healthy child though she was bitten by ants,” Sangitha told TOI.Click Here: cheap nrl jerseys