Alicia Silverstone Poses Nude Holding An Erick Rowan Sheep Mask

Alicia Silverstone decided to pose naked for PETA to protest against the use of wool in the clothing industry. In the photo, Alicia can be seen holding a sheep mask. And it is not just an ordinary sheep mask but the Erick Rowan sheep mask.
— Erick Rowan (@ERICKROWAN) October 9, 2016

The nude photo is available from Alicia Silverstone’s Twitter. The photo’s caption states that she would rather go naked than dress in wool.

Because getting wool from sheep isn’t a haircut.. I’d rather go naked than wear wool. Check out my new ad w @peta!
— Alicia Silverstone (@AliciaSilv) November 22, 2016

The mask was first warn by Erick Rowan after Vignettes. He appeared wearing it on Monday Night Raw. That was before he was shown wearing it in the Wyatt Family’s debut. The mask has now become the Wyatts calling card, and it got worn by the children that accompanied them during their angle with John Cena.
After the draft, Bray and Rowan Wyatt found a home at Smackdown Live. Rowan has however not been able to make an appearance after he suffered a torn rotator cuff. He is still recovering from the surgery he underwent to treat his damaged rotator cuff. There is already a “cryptic” video (—Erick Rowan (@ERICKROWAN)) symbolizing Rowan’s injury on Twitter released on October 9, 2016.
Braun Strowman also started wearing the black sheep mask after he made his first appearance as one of the Wyatt’s. Alicia Silverstone’s fame started when she made an appearance as a teen idol way back in the 90’s. Some of her main appearances were in the films Clueless and The Crush. Other appearances include in music videos with bands such as Aerosmith.
Silverstone became well known because of her participation in Joel Schumacher’s 1997 Batman & Robin movie. The film got widely panned by film critics. Silverstone has made it clear throughout her career that she is against anything considered a cruel act against animals and environmental pollution. In her crusade against the wool industry, she talks about the cruelty with which the sheep get sheared.


She claims that when shearing, the sheep are cut and wounded, but they receive no care once they are wounded. She says that people who keep sheep for wool see the sheep as objects instead of creatures. She encourages people to take the leap and declare they are not going to buy wool products again.


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