Backstage Update on What Led to Lio Rush Getting Pulled From Raw

As previously reported, there have been a great deal of rumors circulating that Lio Rush has heat backstage with WWE higher-ups, which has led to him not getting booked on Raw as of late. PWInsider has an update on Rush, noting that he was in attendance backstage for last night’s Raw, but he did not appear on TV. Additionally, the report notes that there’s been backstage talk of Lio Rush being moved back to NXT soon.
Also, PWInsider’s report notes that Rush has become a polarizing presence backstage in WWE for other wrestlers, and this is said to go back to the November 2018 European tour. The report states that Rush broke what is considered proper backstage etiquette during the tour, despite being a junior member of the roster. For example, the report notes that junior members are expected to be in the gorilla position after matches to give water to the veterans after they are done in the ring and also carry coolers and drinks into the hotels where the wrestlers are staying to set up a common area where everyone can socialize together privately.
Per the report, menial jobs such as this are expected to be done by junior roster members after they are brought up to the main roster, and they are said to be a way to show respect to the veterans in the locker room and the business as a whole. On top of that, it’s reported that when some veteran WWE Superstars tried to advise Rush on how he was making a mistake by avoiding these tasks, he is said to have blown off their advice and then complained to WWE management, which apparently didn’t go over too well.
Things had calmed down for Rush recently, but then other issues started, such as him bringing friends and relatives backstage without giving them the proper credentials, along with him allegedly blowing off advice from other senior Raw roster members. The previous report stated that there was a backstage incident with Finn Balor trying to give Rush advice about having his wife present backstage at all times, including during rehearsals. A source also stated that Rush would be lucky if he ever appeared on the main roster ever again over the incident.
Rush has commented on these reports that have surfaced on social media, seemingly mocking and denying them as recently as two days ago.

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