Betting Odds for WWE Battleground PPV

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These are the betting odds for WWE Battleground 2014 as of 3:30PM EST
on Saturday. The lines, usually released on Thursday were very late
and were just put out this afternoon. A possible reason for this might
be the number of upsets of WWE Money in the Bank from last month.

John Cena is a heavy favorite in WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Fatal Fourway at -1700, which was -2000 at 1PM. The line moved
slightly, most likely because the line itself started so high bettors
simply couldn’t resist wagering on the field of Kane, Randy Orton and
Roman Reigns. The field is now +800 moving from +1000 2 and a half
hours ago.

Cesaro is the favorite to win the Intercontinental Title in the Battle
Royal- and he is now at -245, moving from -195 and then -170 before
that. So the line so far has been moving consistently in his
direction. The field is now at +175 moving from +155 and +130 before

Bray Wyatt is the favorite to beat Jercio thus far. The line is not
moving his favor though starting at -170 to-675 before settling at
-530. Jerico started at +450 to +425 to +350 as many are speculating
this will lead to a Summerslam gimmick match.

AJ is the favorite to retain the Divas title at -530, but she was at
-750 just hours ago. Paige started at +450 and is now +350. This is

The Wyatts, once again, are the favorite to win the titles from the
Usos. The Wyatts are at -530 which was -425 hours ago, so it looks
good for them based on the lines. The Usos are +350 moving from +305.
In addition lines are up for the first fall with the Wyatts at -180 to
the Usos +140. Heels normally take the first fall in best of three
falls matches regardless of who the eventual winner are.

Seth Rollins is the favorite to defeat Dean Ambrose, who was “injured”
at WWe Raw Monday night. It’s a short line however, with Seth at +120
and Dean -160. This line was previously a little wider with Seth at
-190 to Dean’s +150.

Rusev is currently the favorite at +600 to Swagger’s +400. This line
did not move at all. Rusev got no heat in this feud, many times
backing down from Swagger, which usually indicates that he will
probably be winning this.

Naomi is the favorite at -750 to defeat Cameron at +450. This line
didn’t move most likely due to disinterest.

The lines are always changing and we will update this blog with the
most recent lines regularly, however to keep track of the mot recent
lines, register with 5dimes for the most current lines. There is no
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