Bound For Glory notes: Kylie Rae update, Heath suffers hernia

There were a few things that didn’t go as planned for Impact Wrestling on Saturday’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view in Nashville, TN.

As reported last night, Kylie Rae missed her scheduled Knockouts women’s title match with champion Deonna Purrazzo with no announcement made on the show as to why. This left a lot of fans unhappy with people noting that if she was injured or ill, they should have announced it and everyone would have understood.

The story that went around was she was injured, but we were later told that was not the case. We have confirmed that no announcement was made because the company did not know the situation at the time and there was no communication. It is possible she was injured, but it’s unknown what the situation is. Right now all that is known is that she was in Nashville ready to work on Friday and did not come to the building on Saturday.


As noted earlier today, Heath (Miller/Slater) was scheduled to win the Call Your Shot gauntlet match, but suffered a hernia during the match and was taken to the hospital. Due to the stipulation that if either Heath or Rhino lost the match, both would be out of Impact, the only option they had on the fly was to have Rhino gore Sami Callihan and pin him when they were the last two in the match.

The good news from a storyline perspective is that everything fit with the new ending. The bad news is that Heath is likely to need surgery which would put him on the shelf temporarily. He was taken to the hospital and diagnosed, but was back at the hotel late last night. Miller was injured very early in the match, and he believed it was a groin tear at the time.


There was also an issue in many parts of the country with Comcast/Xfinity not airing the PPV due to a snafu on the cable side although it appears the broadcast was fine everywhere else. People who contacted us being unable to order generally did order it off when their PPV orders couldn’t be processed.


Bound for Glory was supposed to be available in French through with Marc Blondin and Sylvain Grenier on the call, the duo who did Impact every week on RDS in Quebec between 2004 and 2015. Due to technical issues, they had to cancel it at the last minute.

They ran a test Friday night and everything was working with the platform they were asked to use. But, no test was done with actual live footage from the venue. Impact asked the duo to be ready for 7:25 pm on Saturday. They were all set up and when they tested it with the live footage, there were audio issues.

Blondin and Grenier could hear themselves and could see the video, but their audio wasn’t going out to where it needed to get to. They asked Blondin and Grenier to fix the problem and they were not able to since the night before everything was working and they had not changed anything since that point. Given the short timeframe from when the issues started to when the broadcast was starting, they had to cancel it.