Braun Strowman Calls Out Petition Against Him, AJ Lee Surprise

I do what I want when I want and your stupid petition won’t change that!! #NoOneIsSafe #EveryoneWillFall #YourTearsHydrateMe
— Braun Strowman (@BraunStrowman) April 12, 2017

AJ Lee gets a surprise at her book signing.


#CrazyIsMySuperpower Tour Week 2. During my signing today I overheard a guy start asking everyone if he could cut them in line without really waiting for their approval. “He must REALLY like me” I thought as I readied my hand around the pepper spray I keep holstered to my hip. As he rushed to the front of the line I noticed he bought four books. So naturally I married him. Thanks @CMPunk for being my biggest fan/supporter/sexy roommate for life. And thank you @XChadballX and @AnthonyAmor for being our officiant and witness respectively. – AJ
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