Brie Bella Says Daniel Bryan is Undergoing Treatment & Will Find a Way Back to the Ring

— Brie Bella recently did an interview with “From the Top Rope” podcast and indicated that her husband, Daniel Bryan, is still looking at ways to return to the ring. Brie also went on to say that Bryan has been undergoing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and has already undergone 40 treatments and that she would support him should he choose to return to the ring.

“I told Bryan, `You do have a daughter, so always remember that. But if the doctors finally give you the green light, I say Go. This is your dream and passion. You have one life to live and I will never hold you back, because I love to wrestle and I would hate if someone told me you can’t do it. And if the WWE doesn’t allow it, then I said, go somewhere else. It’s all on you. Obviously, he would love to be able to get back in that WWE ring, but I know for a fact my husband is going to find his way back to the ring. He honestly is.

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— Given all that, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, stated that it “pretty much looks like a lock” that Bryan will be wrestling again next year but it remains to be seen whether it’s with WWE, New Japan, ROH or someone else.

— In terms of WWE, it would all depend on whether Dr. Joseph Maroon clear him to return – something which Maroon has said he will never do.