Carmella on Being #30 in The 2019 Royal Rumble, R-Truth & More

WWE Superstar Carmella was recently interviewed by The Metro to discuss her WWE Mixed Match Challenge Team with R-Truth and other topics. Below are the highlights from the interview:
On what is R-Truth like to work with: “I didn’t know him that well before we started this whole thing but he’s such an easygoing guy. It’s been really fun getting to know him, and honestly, how you see us on TV is how we are in real life. We finish each others sentences, we’re so silly and we have turned into such good friends. I feel super lucky, he’s a great, great guy and he’s not afraid to make a fool out of himself and have a good time. Every opportunity he gets he embraces it and makes the most of it. That’s something everyone in this company can learn from it. Never think you’re too good for a role, and never take yourself too seriously.”
On how has it been turning into a character which gets cheers: “When I was in NXT I was a good guy so it’s not been completely foreign to me, but ever since I’ve been on SmackDown I’ve been hated completely. The part I like about it the most is that it’s been so organic, it wasn’t something that was planned to get people to love me or be on my side. I didn’t change anything or do anything differently, I’m still moonwalking, trash-talking and still have a loud mouth and say what’s on my mind. It’s just really cool how it’s happened, and now the fans are on my side – I’ll take it!”
On how excited are you about being The 30th entrant in The Royal Rumble next month: “It’s so crazy, last year I was so lucky to be part of the first ever women’s Royal Rumble and now it’s the second, it’s now just the norm, everything has become equal and that’s really cool. To be number 30 is amazing, but I’m no stranger to making history. I could be the first women at number 30 to go on to win the Rumble!”
On where are you in this mix & are you hoping to get back to title contention soon: “2018 was for sure the year of Carmella. I’m so fortunate, I cashed in, became champion and became everything people thought I wouldn’t be. I beat Asuka, I beat Charlotte twice, and now I’m just having fun and embracing every opportunity that I get. I will become champion again, that’s for sure, but right now everyone has their moment and then you get back into the mix. I’m not in any rush, when it happens it’ll happen.”
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