Chris Jericho On Returning To WWE In The Future, Working Dream Matches, ‘Weirdest’ Place He Has Wrestled, More

‘Jericho Cruise’

– WWE Superstar Chris Jericho recently spoke with on a wide variety of topics, check out the highlights below:

Jericho is working to help promote a wrestling and rock music event on a cruise ship, three years in the making, sailing from Miami to the Bahamas.

On the weirdest place he has wrestled:

I think I’ve had weirder places. A parking lot in the dark where the lights were the headlights from a car, that sort of thing. But as far as this, this is the first time I’ve ever wrestled not on land, shall we say. So unless somebody’s going to Mars this is probably the only place that hasn’t been conquered by wrestling and here we are!

On Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross kicking off the cruise:

“They’re kind of, yeah, they’re the ipso facto hosts of the cruise, they’ll kick it off. I’m doing a podcast with them, they’re doing their own podcast as well, and signings. It’s really one of those things where besides me, I built the cruise around me, because I knew that I wouldn’t walk out on myself or be hard to deal with, not that anybody else is, but other than that everybody has three shows, four shows to do over four days and the rest is just kind of hanging around.

That’s the cool thing because it’s basically just a working vacation for a lot of people and that makes it cool as well. This is the first one, I didn’t have a huge budget but I did have this really cool offer – I can’t pay you this but I can pay you that and give you a free all expenses paid cruise, and that was a big selling point for a lot of the guys. King included, Jerry Lawler contacted me and said ‘I’ve never been on a cruise before, I’d love to do it’ and it’s like dude, make it happen. We got the deal and here he is, and it was like that with a lot of people.”

On working dream matches with wrestling stars outside WWE:

“Yeah, that was my original idea with New Japan. Then they wanted to do some stuff with Naito which was great, EVIL now which was cool. There are so many matches in New Japan alone, there’s the Omega rematch, Naito rematch, Okada, Tanahashi. There’s much stuff that I could do there… Ibushi, guys I’ve never worked before, Suzuki/Jericho would be great. So you’re talking a lot of dream matches just from that capacity, if you’re just talking about New Japan.

You talk about [Impact] and Bound For Glory, there’s Austin Aries, there’s Brian Cage, there’s Johnny Impact. There’s a lot of guys from that end of the spectrum that would be great to work with, Sami Callihan.”

On possibly returning to WWE in the future:

“But yeah, of course, I would consider going back to the WWE, but once again, all of the things that we’ve talked about, it’s a whole different Chris Jericho now than I was the last time I was there, which is a whole different Chris Jericho to the last time I was there before that. So we’d have to work out some ideas and things and there’s a lot of money going around now in WWE, so that’s a whole different world too.

So, the answer is yes. But I’m in no rush and I don’t feel like I have to do it. If I never went back to WWE again it wouldn’t bother me, just like if I never went back to New Japan, if I never wrestled again, period. But if it’s something that’s right and it feels the right thing to do then, of course, I would consider it.

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