Chris Jericho On Why He Is Returning to WWE at Greatest Royal Rumble, Casket Match Being Scrapped, His WWE Status

Chris Jericho, who will be returning to WWE for the Greatest Royal Rumble match next, recently appeared on “In This Corner” podcast, and below are some interview highlights:

On returning to WWE for Greatest Royal Rumble:

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“It’s just one of those things where it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Jericho told CBS Sports’ “In This Corner” podcast on Wednesday. “Obviously, you are getting a chance to work with Saudi Arabia at the highest levels. We have been there in 2015 and had some great shows but it seems like they are kind of trying to change the way things are done over there. And it’s really cool to have been asked by WWE to be a part of it. As you know, I’m not working there full time right now but still part of the family.”

On his relationship with WWE:

“It’s good enough that they called me when this show came up,” Jericho said. “I have a really good relationship with the company and with Vince in that I’ve been working there for 17 years pretty much, on and off. Up until this year when I did the show with New Japan, I have never wrestled in any other ring other than the WWE ring since 1999 and Vince knew about [NJPW] right from the start. It’s one of those things where WWE is my home base for wrestling. I’m not a full-time performer in the wrestling world, nor have I been since 2010.”

On his Casket match against The Undertaker being scrapped:

“Whether they want me to be part of the Royal Rumble or work against The Undertaker or work against Funaki in a lingerie match — whatever needs to be done, I’m happy to do it,” Jericho said. “That’s the good thing about kind of my legacy and where I am at this point in my career is I can come and do whatever needs to be done — opening match, main event, whatever it is — and it’s going to be good. Things change, this is part of the world of WWE and happens all the time. For me, until I actually walk into the ring, sometimes you never know what is going to happen. Things get changed during the show sometimes. I think sometimes fans get a little bit too excited about certain things that happened.”

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