Christian Talks About Getting Into Argument With Actor Dustin Diamond For Calling Him "Screech"

During a recent episode of his podcast, E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness, longtime WWE veteran Christian spoke with Edge and their special guest, WWE broadcast team member Renee Young, about a funny story involving Saved by the Bell actor Dustin “Screech” Diamond.

According to “Captain Charisma,” he once met Diamond and called him by the “Screech” name, which apparently led to what could be described as a “heated argument.”

“I met Dustin Diamond once from Saved By The Bell and I did call him Screech,” said Christian. “I almost got into a big argument with Screech.”

Christian continued, “So, we were at WrestleMania in Anaheim [California], whatever number that was. We stole the show, that’s all that matters and yeah, we got richer. So we were walking backstage earlier in the day. Like, I’m a huge Saved By The Bell [fan]. I love cheesy, corny, like, TV shows, right? So I was a huge Saved By The Bell fan, still am. So I see Screech there, so I’m like, ‘man…’ I walk up to him and say, ‘excuse me, Screech. Man, I’m such a big fan of you and the show.’ And he turns around and goes, ‘Yeah, okay,’ and he turns back around and was kind of a dick. And he’s backstage at our show.

So, [Edge] kind of goes, ‘hey,’ so [Edge], who is a bit of a hothead here, he goes, ‘hey, mother effer,’ he goes, ‘he’s not trying to be a dick! He loves Saved By The Bell. He’s a huge fan!’ And Screech goes, ‘oh man, I’m sorry. I thought you were making fun of me.’ I was like, ‘no, I wasn’t.’ So then, we started talking to him and we kind of hit it off and had a pretty funny conversation, and that was that. That’s my Screech story.”

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