Cindy Crawford Looks Just Like Daughter Kaia Gerber in This 1985 Throwback

Cindy Crawford threw it way back this Thursday with a 31-year-old TBT from her early modeling days.

The model’s gorgeous black-and-white photo shows her at about 19-years-old, posing in an off-kilter head wrap and a risqué crop top (did Cindy start the trend?) torn across the chest to expose the model’s ample cleavage.

We saw Crawford’s caption, “#TBT Major flashback. Love it, @ArthurElgort!” and we acknowledged that the picture was retro (taken in 1985 by the famed photographer)—but honestly, had we not stopped to examine the fine print, we’d totally think this was a recent snap of Crawford’s look-alike daughter, 15-year-old Kaia Gerber. The resemblance is insane!

Let’s compare a recent photo of Kaia, shall we?

Are we seeing double? Add a mole and they’re identical!

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The Crawford-Gerber genes are strong—very, very, strong. Here’s a recent photo of Kaia with Presley, Cindy’s 17-year-old son, who (like his mom, dad, and sister) is also a model.

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How is it possible to have so many good-looking people in one family?