Clinton Super PAC Attacks Bernie as Dems Double Down on Dark Money

Despite all of the high-minded rhetoric put forth by mainstream Democrats to overturn Citizens United and end the influence of money in politics, those very same politicians are increasingly relying on dark money groups to serve as campaign strongmen when the going gets tough.

Less than one week after presidential contender Hillary Clinton presented her plan to overhaul campaign finance, a super PAC representing the Democratic front-runner has begun circulating negative emails bashing rival Sen. Bernie Sanders.

While Clinton herself has abstained from such negativity—and has even praised Sanders saying he’s “doing a great job” after recent polling showed the Vermont senator now has a double-digit lead in both Iowa and New Hampshire—the controversial super PAC run by Clinton ally David Brock is on the offense.

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In an email sent to the Huffington Post on Monday, fundraising group Correct the Record attempted to couple Sanders with what they said were the more “extreme” positions taken by the newly-elected UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, noting the mutual affection shared between the two populist lawmakers.

HuffPo‘s Samantha Lachman and Ryan Grim report: