Cody says he’s confident Dynamite would do well on Monday nights

Speaking during an interview with 11Alive’s Ric Garni in anticipation of AEW’s debut in Atlanta, Cody and Brandi Rhodes discussed the rise of All Elite Wrestling, how committed they are to the promotion, how they analyze data of viewership every week and more.
Asked where do they see the company in five years time and where it can be, Cody responded, “I’m going to say something controversial and I don’t mean it to be, but this always happens any time I’m interviewed for an extended period of time. I would like the company in five years to be on a different night and competing in the same fashion they are…not that I don’t love Wednesday nights…but I can tell we have real players and I look at this data like…we’re not lying about the revolution anymore. It’s very supported. So I would love to see how it does on another night.”
Before he gave his answer, his wife urged him to “think about it” before he answered but Cody went ahead and basically suggested they could take on WWE’s Monday Night Raw.
“A particular night you prefer or just one of the two with other major competition on?” the host asked.
“I mean honestly in five years, who knows. But I can tell you this if we had a random storm situation or just something would just pop up and we’re going to have Dynamite on Monday night if that was to happen in the current threshold right now, I’d still be very confident in what we can do and I’d be confident that our guys would be up for the challenge,” Cody answered.
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