Conor McGregor possibly teases retirement

A cryptic tweet out of nowhere by Conor McGregor has shaken up the MMA world.

McGregor earlier today wrote:

“I have decided to retire young.

Thanks for the cheese.

Catch ya’s later.”

There was nothing more said, no doubt by design.

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With Ronda Rousey out of action, McGregor is the key draw for UFC business going into its planned biggest week in history in July when he was the headline UFC 200 against Nate Diaz.

McGregor has been unavailable to media and UFC has not said anything.

Whether this is a negotiating ploy, a legitimate retirement or just his own practical joke that will be explained that he’s always said he doesn’t want to fight a long time is unknown.

McGregor is a big spender, and he was likely to get his biggest paycheck to date for UFC 200.  He had talked in the last year about a number of different business plans for the next few years but all of them involved building his name up bigger and continuing to fight.

There will no doubt be more on this as the day progresses.