Dolph Ziggler On His Iron Man Match With Seth Rollins, His Hardest Challenge, More

One half of the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, Dolph Ziggler recently spoke with Inside The Ropes about his current run with Drew McIntyre and more, below are some highlights.

On his current run being different:

“The consistency. Nothing is different about what I’m doing, I still do the same work, I still produce the exact same stamina, psychology, everything you can think of. It just so happens, and this sounds like a wrestling promo, but I have had managers and people in my corner before, but I have also lost 99% of my matches, in this case, there is someone watching my back, never in my career have I had that. When you see the two of us doing what we do, it’s impossible to deny it.”

On his Iron Man match with Seth Rollins:

“Seth and I have had too many good ones to have that one make it to the top of the list, a huge factor was not just the crowd reactions or how good we were, it was the story and build up having fans say they want this match in the main event. I constantly see people say they don’t want this match or this guy, this was a match that people begged for. I love that one of us is beloved and the other is hated.”

His biggest challenge:

“The weirdest thing has been never going away for a little bit. We are a little spoiled because we have me on all the shows, all media, all the live events all the overseas tours to where someone like The Miz goes away to do a movie, Jericho goes away for 10 months, when you see me consistently for 10 years every single day, it’s unfair because you don’t long to see me back in the ring. But I don’t like missing work, on my two days off I will find a way to do work. Not being injured or not going away has taken away from my legacy of people begging to see me, they’re spoiled.”

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Source :

Inside The Ropes

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