Dolph Ziggler’s Brother Imprisoned for 15 Years, Benjamin Update

Dolph Ziggler recently returned on Smackdown in a backstage segment wherein he revealed that he has discovered “the key” to what will finally make him a successful star in WWE after not being emphasized for several years. Before this appearance last week, Dolph had been off of WWE television ever since he was eliminated from the Independence Day Battle Royal on July 4th’s Smackdown show. His reason for being off TV was rumored to be creative running out of ideas for his character at the time. It turns out that Ziggler was also likely gone from television due to an enormous issue going on right now in his personal life that recently made a huge ruling.
A news report from recently informed the public that Ziggler’s real-life brother, Donald Nemeth, has officially been sentenced to fifteen years in prison. He and his accomplice Jack King are being sentenced due to involuntary manslaughter. The two worked as union boilmakers and regularly purchased drugs from a man named Joshua Mascol. Security footage showed that the two attempted to rob Mascol, which caused a gunfight. It ended with Mascol being killed, but it is unknown who fired the fatal shot in the footage. Nemeth pleaded guilty and apologized for his crimes by saying, “I’ve been battling severe addiction issues and I lost a good friend because of it.”

One week ago, Shelton Benjamin returned to Smackdown after several months of dealing with an injury that prevented him from re-signing with the company in the past. Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan then announced that Benjamin would be teaming up with Chad Gable on tonight’s Smackdown show. Cageside Seats now reports that the match may have to be cancelled. Benjamin and his family live in Houston, Texas, and the belief is that he was not on the road when Hurricane Harvery hit the area. WWE has yet to officially announce that the match is indeed cancelled, but it is possible that Benjamin could still be at home due to the gigantic storm.

To my fellow Houstonian. The next few days will be a challenge to say the least. Be smart Be safe & let’s look out for one another.
— Shelton J. Benjamin (@Sheltyb803) August 27, 2017

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