Ethan Carter III explains cancellation

Michael Hutter aka Ethan Carter III did a Facebook post earlier today regarding his missing scheduled shows on April 2 for Southside Wrestling and April 3 for Preston City Wrestling in England.

“Unfortunately, due to a previously unforeseen opportunity to continue building a rapport between TNA Wrestling and one our of television network partners, I was forced to cancel my appearances with both Southside and Preston City Wrestling April 2-3. Canceling is not something I take lightly.”

Hutter confirmed what Preston City promoter Steven Fludder had informed us of, that despite how TNA framed the story, Hutter never asked Fludderfor a deposit. He did say that the plane tickets hadn’t been purchased and that he felt he was out more than anyone financially, because he had printed up U.K.-specific T-shirts and EC3 foam fingers to sell at the shows.

Hutter said that neither TNA nor the promotions are to blame for this, and if there was any heat, he would take it. “A set of circumstances arose and I had to make a decision, so blame me.”

He said he promised to make it up to the promotions.