GFW to Stop Referencing Rosemary/Sexy Star Incident; Matt Hardy Posts Broken Video

— According to, GFW will be dropping all references to the Sexy Star/Rosemary incident moving forward. The company did bring it up on their last TV show yesterday but that’s about it. As per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the likely plan was for it to evolve into a storyline with Sexy Star in GFW feuding against Rosemary, possibly with Jeff Jarrett and Vampiro as “leaders.” It was actually Jarrett’s idea to do this, while the rest of the creative team wasn’t completely sold on the plan. With Jarrett gone, so is the angle.

— Matt Hardy released a new video on You Tube yesterday which pretty much seems to be him in full Broken character. While the legal situation between the Hardys and Anthem Sports is still pending, Matt is obviously confident of the result as he has not refrained from making references both on and off WWE TV.

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