Goldberg on his match with The Undertaker

Goldberg Opens Up About His Botched Match Against The Undertaker
Goldberg was recently interviewed on “The Hall of Fame” show with Booker T and Brad Gilmore. During the interview, Goldberg was asked about his match against The Undertaker in Saudi Arabia.
Goldberg spoke about the spot during the match where he hit the turnbuckle. This led to him knocking himself out. Goldberg says that he went overboard, which led to him hitting the post too hard.
“If I’m gonna be a defensive lineman that was an all-American, if I’m gonna be a guy that played a couple of years in the NFL, if I’m gonna be a guy that is known to be a thrasher, I’m not gonna run into a turnbuckle and miss it and act like it killed me. I can’t do that, so I have to make it look as close to it killing me as possible. And sometimes, unfortunately, the circumstances are such that I go a little overboard.”
Goldberg also says that some people backstage in WWE predicted that it would happen because he failed that turnbuckle spot during his WCW days:
“A couple of the bookers came up to me afterwards and said, ‘We called it, we knew you were gonna do that’ because fifty percent of the time that I’ve done that spot, I’ve not had good results.”Click Here: