Hardy Criticizes Michael Strahan Segment On RAW, Talks State Of WWE Creative

Former WWE Superstar Matt Hardy questioned the point behind the Michael Strahan segment on MizTV on Monday’s post-Survivor Series edition of RAW in Long Island, New York.

“Can you please explain to me what the Miz-Michael Strahan segment was supposed to accomplish on Raw?,” wrote Hardy on his official Twitter account. “That was good? Or productive?”

Hardy spoke back-and-forth with his fans for a while and then elaborated further. “Yes, have [Strahan] on the show, that’s smart business. But the creative behind his segment was counterproductive and confusing, in my opinion.”

Hardy continued, “A fictional show doesn’t have to be complex. If it sets parameters, stay true to them, makes sense, keeps continuity, it works.”

Hardy concluded, “WWE’s product has to become more sophisticated in an era where TV like Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, & Sons Of Anarchy thrive. The problem is NOT the PG content. It’s the substance of the content and continuity of the product.”

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