Highlights From Jay Lethal's Reddit AMA

ROH World Champion Jay Lethal took part in an ‘Ask Me Anything’ Q&A session on Reddit earlier today. Here are some highlights:

Why he is the best wrestler in the world:

“Because i believe it to be true. If i don’t believe it, how can i get you to believe it?”

Working with Low Ki:

“I learned so much from being in the ring with him… also learned how to take a good old fashion butt kicking! lol”

Has WWE ever offered him a contract?


Working With CM Punk, Samoa Joe & Christopher Daniels in ROH:

“It was one of the greatest learning experiences of my life”

His favorite matches:

“Me vs Chris Sabin on a TNA house show was a really good one… Also Bret vs Piper at mania is my fav to watch.”

Jay Lethal puts his ROH title on the line against AJ Styles at ROH’s next PPV, Final Battle 2015 live from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 18th. Follow him on Twitter @TheLethalJay.

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