Humberto Carrillo okay after WWE Raw match stopped early

A match between Sheamus and Humberto Carrillo on Monday’s WWE Raw ended prematurely after Carrillo appeared to suffer an injury.

The match ended after a spot where Carrillo went for a sunset flip bomb on Sheamus off the apron. Upon landing on the floor, Carrillo did not move. After a few seconds, the referee checked on Carrillo, who indicated he was injured. The referee then waved off the match, awarding the victory to Sheamus. 

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Carrillo is ok and could wrestle Tuesday if he had to. They may do an injury angle based on the bump, but the fall wasn’t part of a storyline.

Carrillo has appeared on Raw in recent weeks, wanting to challenge Sheamus for the United States title after Sheamus flirted with the idea of reviving John Cena’s open challenge back when he was U.S. Champion. Sheamus responded by attacking Carrillo and laying him out several weeks in a row. Carrillo responded last week by interrupting a match between the debuting Mansoor and Sheamus. That resulted in Sheamus laying out both men.