J.R.'s Blog: Upset With Wrestling News Sites, Batista's Injury, CM Punk's Status

Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry at www.jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the most notable things he wrote:

Upset with a wrestling news website over reporting he said Shawn Michaels was retiring: “It often times amazes me when seemingly intelligent people believe most every thing that they read on selected, wrestling websites. News Flash…..some wrestling websites are loaded with manure. Here’s why….

“I was told that on an unnamed website that “J.R. announced on his website that HBK was retiring” which is totally false. Not only did I NOT report this load of fertilizer I specifically stated that I did not think that either Shawn Michaels or The Undertaker would retire in 2009 and that I had no knowledge that either would even retire in 2010. Why would sites print such garbage which then people read and accept this stuff as truth?

“I do think that Taker will compete longer than HBK but I don’t think either are ready to say adiós as of yet. When either retires it will be handled with class and with huge fanfare and it isn’t on the drawing board as we speak. I fully expect both Taker and Shawn to be back touring no later than the WWE’s Fall International Tour but likely much earlier than that.”

J.R. also notes a certain photo, and says it came from the very same website reporting “manure”: “This same website had an alleged photo of me in a J.R.’s BBQ Restaurant uniform. Only problem with that is that our staff doesn’t wear uniforms. That’s only a small detail even though there are plenty of photos out there with me wearing a “J.R.’s BBQ” shirt or T shirt but, sorry, no uniform.”

Editor’s note: I posted the photo in question on my website just yesterday, so he may be talking about me, unless someone from another site got their hands on it, which is very possible. Although, I have no idea where he got HBK is retiring as I definitely did not report that. When it comes to his blogs, I only post what he specifically writes.

Whether CM Punk is a fan favorite or villain: “We’re getting lots of emails about C.M. Punk and whether he is fish or fowl as in a fan favorite or a villain nowadays after beating Jeff Hardy while cashing in Punk’s Money in the Bank Contract last Sunday in New Orleans. Now, Punk may well wind up out of favor with some fans, perhaps even the majority of the fans, but I don’t know that. If it happens, so be it. If Punk’s opportunistic endeavors at Extreme Rules make him a bigger star albeit a despised one, then that’s a good thing. Punk does have an attitude as I have mentioned before and is arguably not the most popular guy in the SD locker room but there are also no cash bonuses being paid for being named Mr. Congeniality. If you want to boo Punk, then have at it, but don’t hold it against him simply because he was smart in cashing in his MIB contract at an opportune time. Do I think at the end of the day Punk will gain favor with the fans? It damned sure won’t happen in Charlotte Monday night and I would say that chances are it probably won’t happen in the near future either. For the record, Punk appears to me, and I might be dead wrong, that he really doesn’t care one way or another. One thing about this matter is that is adds a different dimension and dynamic to Friday Night Smackdown which I think helps the broadcast.”

Correction on Batista’s injury: “Dave Batista tore a biceps tendon and not the biceps itself as I understand it but “The Animal” will still likely be on the shelf for about 4 months but only Mother Nature knows for sure how fast the big guy will heal. Dave’s back at home in Florida and one always heals better with the old, home field advantage in their favor.”

See photo of Jim Ross in his restaurant’s uniform (>>)