Jarrett Says Working With HBK, Kurt Angle Was Greatest In-Ring Accomplishment

The following are highlights of a new Main Event Madness Radio interview with Global Force Wrestling (GFW) founder Jeff Jarrett:

On his greatest in-ring accomplishment: “Well inside the ring, you know, it goes without saying, anybody that’s ever laced up a pair of boots, anyone that’s wanted to be a professional wrestler that became a professional wrestler, they want to be world champion. So, when I reached that goal, I was very, very happy. Every world title I’ve ever won was a proud moment, you know? The first time I won the [WWE] Intercontinental Title back in 1995, I really enjoyed that. When I look back on my career, you have different phases of your career, and I enjoyed my time and series of matches with Shawn Michaels, and just a couple years ago, my series of matches with Kurt Angle. Those are some of the highlights.”

On if he thought TNA would last as long as it has when it started: “You know, I’ve been asked that question several different ways. When anybody starts a business, you envision it being around for a long time. Nobody starts a business and says, ‘Hey I’m gonna be around for a month or two.’ So, absolutely. I did everything in my power and [I’m] very pleased with my time in TNA.”

Check out the complete interview at Spreaker.com.

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