JBL On Lack Of True Wrestling Heels Today, His Thoughts On Eric Bischoff and How He Got Into Finance

WWE legend, JBL was a recent guest on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast alongside Eric Bischoff and Bruce Prichard and he discussed a variety of topics. Below are some highlights from JBL’s portion of the interview.

Lack Of True Heels Today

“One time I saw a guy in a JBL shirt and I called Vince right away and said why are you selling my shirts, they took it off the shelf right away. The last thing you want is someone to be wearing your merchandise when the guy next to you is booing you. That’s something that is missing now, a guy like Randy Orton certainly enjoys the heat, a guy like Miz does, Jericho does a terrific heel. It’s a small handful.”  

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“Eric’s rise is one of the greatest in television history. He goes from this regional territory up in the AWA to running this company that was beating WWE soundly. No one person could take all the credit for this but this is an incredible story on television during an incredible time.”  

How He Got Into Finance

“In the 97 Asia crisis, I started buying some stock when I had some money and they did really well and started studying and after 2004 I went to build a wind farm and it killed, the investment banker asked me to work for him on Wall Street.”