Jennifer Lopez Wore a Thin Bathrobe to One of the Dirtiest Places on Earth

Last year, a travel logistics website called Travelmath sent a team to test the transit systems of major American cities for germs, and unsurprisingly, they found that the New York City subways were super super dirty.

So what did Jennifer Lopez do while walking through a NYC subway platform? She wore a bathrobe.

Gotham/GC Images

We’re scratching our heads here too. The star was spotted sporting a fuzzy grey bathrobe in the depths of the subway tunnels on Thursday.

Judging from her high-heeled shoes, sky-high ponytail, and huge hoop earrings, we’d guess that J. Lo might have been filming something, possibly for her TV show Shades of Blue.

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Even so, we can’t say we recommend bath wear-as-street wear quite like this, even if she does look fabulous (but let’s be real, she’d look great in anything). 

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We’re all for taking cues from Lopez, but on this instance, we’re going to have to steer clear.