Jim Cornette Speaks On Once Threatening To Shoot Brock Lesnar

The outspoken Jim Cornette recently told the story on his The Cornette Experience podcast of when he threatened to shoot Brock Lesnar during their time in Ohio Valley Wrestling.
While Jim Cornette was in-control of OVW or in partial control, he teamed The Beast Incarnate with Shelton Benjamin because he thought the two would be a perfect duo. One of the teams that Lesnar and Benjamin would face regularly was Disciples of Synn. Synn was the female manager of the team and she apparently loved to take bumps from male wrestlers. Synn also was Cornette’s girlfriend at the time. One particular match, Synn told Lesnar that she had got some piercings done in her private area so when they [her & Lesnar] do their usual press-slam spot, for Lesnar not to grip as hard.
Lesnar did it anyway, which lead to Cornette threatening to shoot The Beast because he said there is no chance in hell that he was going to fight Brock.

Here’s a segment from the podcast:

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