Jim Ross Talks ALL IN 2 Rumors, Why ALL IN Succeeded; Compares It To A Political Party

WWE Hall Of Famer, Jim Ross recently spoke in detail about the ALL IN event and whether or not there will be a second in the future. Below are some highlights with a H/T to WrestlingInc.com for the transcriptions.

Why ALL IN Succeeded:

“They created that event like it was a cause. It was a cause that all wrestling fans, to some degree, could relate to. So the cause caused emotional investment and there’s your money. And so, whether it is a cause, an emotional investment in a thing, a person, a match…” Ross continued, “they created a cause and everybody got on their bandwagon to support the cause. It’s like a very positive political party. None of this ‘this side of the aisle, that side of the aisle’ bulls–t. It was really, really good and I was proud of those cats.”

On ALL IN 2 Rumors:

“I know that the rumor on the boat is they’re going to do another one in May,” Ross divulged. “Rumor and innuendo, but that’s about right, about one a year. The old wrestling promoter would say, ‘well, I can do two a year.’ Oh yeah, then it’s, ‘let’s do one monthly.’ Do you know what I mean? Nothing is ever enough in that respect.

“So I think, those kids have a good little nucleus there and their futures are all very bright. The nice thing that strikes me about The Young Bucks and Cody, among these other cats that are here [on Jericho’s cruise]like Marty Scurll, I got that right, and of course Kenny Omega.”

Source :

Jim Ross Report

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