Joey Ryan Describes Being Approached For His Penis Party Show During WrestleMania 35 Weekend

Joey Ryan recently spoke with about his upcoming Penis Party show and how he felt about being approached for it.

How was he approached and subsequently consented to the show:

“WrestleCon and Highspots noticed the increase in specialized events — to make something have its own feel, instead of the same thing 15 times. A lot of credit should be put on (Joey) Janela and Game Changer. They sparked it a couple of years ago with Spring Break. Revolver with Pancakes and Piledrivers as well — it gives them something to brand. These specialized shows become their own attraction. They pitched the idea and said they wanted to run a Joey Ryan Penis show. I was all about it and the Penis Party was born,” said Ryan in an exclusive interview with Fightful.

On the name of the show:

“I guess it’s not new to me or anything,” Ryan explained. “They could have went with Sausage Fest, or any number of ways, but they went the most direct way. We took a little bit of a hit when NXT moved to from Saturday to Friday. We’re still expecting it to be mostly sold out. It’s a 2,000 seat arena and we’re inching our way to a sellout even against Spring Break and NXT. Most wrestling that weekend kind of becomes serious, so it’s cool to see fans want to be a part of something a little more light hearted.”

On choosing who he wanted to be on the show:

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“It’s a Highspots event, and they had a list of talent that they’re bringing into the event and using on the other shows. It’s a matter of us seeing who would fit what we wanted to do. It was a joint effort and they asked my opinion on who I wanted to use and who I thought would work. It’s a weekend where everybody’s available, because everybody’s in town. We picked who would help our event be ours,” said Ryan.

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