John Cena Calls His WWE Character "Goody-Two Shoes Superman"

John Cena has been the face of WWE for several years now. The younger fans clearly look at Cena as many fans looked at Hulk Hogan growing up as a clean-cut super hero and Cena himself acknowledged that fact during a recent interview.

While speaking with Complex about Roman Reigns and the way WWE fans negatively react to him, Cena referred to his own WWE character as a “goody-two shoes Superman.”

“People know he is very gifted,” Cena said of Reigns. “His in-ring ability is not in question. I don’t care what any critic says. They are just being stupid. He can go. He is an athlete. I don’t really know who he is.”

Cena continued, “Like I said, John Cena is easy: ‘goody-two shoes Superman.’ Easy. A four-year old kid can tell you that.”

Switching back to Reigns, Cena continued, “I don’t necessarily know the heartbeat of Roman Reigns. As soon as that first heartbeat happens, it’s going to challenge me. I’m looking forward to it.”

As noted, despite original expectations that Cena would be on the sidelines well past WrestleMania 32, he noted himself earlier this week that he has been medically cleared to make his WWE return whenever he wants.

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