John Cena On How Much Longer He Has Left in WWE, ‘Blockers’ Tackling Fair Treatment and Equality Issues

WWE star John Cena recently spoke with ABC News to promote his new movie “Blockers”, and below are some interview highlights.

On the longevity of his WWE career and the uncertainty of his future:

“The fact that I’ve been able to do it at the pace that I have for 16 years, that’s not your regular statistic. That falls into like the Tom Brady category. I’m not supposed to be where I am anyway. So I don’t know when it’s all going to end.”

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On his new movie “Blockers”:

“Culture has changed. We’re in the information age. There’s a massive push as you know for equality and fair treatment across the board. And this movie it takes it head on,” Cena said. ”It’s not preachy about it. You don’t sit down and feel you’re hit over the head with messaging. It just assumes that you know we are up to speed as a culture. These girls are going to take their sexuality into their own hands because that’s what is going on out there. And I really think it is a brave approach by Kay. But I really I love it. It’s the right one.”

Source :

ABC News

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