John Cena Talks About His Recovery From Neck Surgery


New Zealand Herald has conducted an interview with former WWE Champion John Cena, which can be read here. Cena talks about his surggically repaired neck, his childhood and the part he’s played in boosting WWE business.

Here’s what Cena said about his recovery following neck surgery back in August:

“My neck is still healing up and I’d say I’ve got about one and half to two months to go and I’ll be back. I feel great but I’m just pretty much waiting for the OK from the doctors. The spinal cord is a very touchy thing to start messing with and that was a wake-up call that’s for sure.”

He added, “I think the normal protocol after surgery like that is to take time off, regroup, but I just don’t do that. I got up, I said to the doctor, ‘I’m going to Smackdown’, and he said, ‘That’s okay but I’d really like to go with you if that’s okay’. And he gave me the same list of dos and don’ts that any outpatients would get.”

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