Justin Timberlake Confirms His Cool-Dad Status at His Son’s Play Class

Justin Timberlake isn’t a regular dad, he’s a cool dad. How do we know this, aside from the fact that having JT as your dad is by definition cool? Over the weekend, he took to his Instagram to share a silly picture of himself from his son Silas’s play class, and all of our suspicions were confirmed.

“When you’re the only Dad at the mid-morning play-class, if you stay any longer than 20 minutes… THIS IS YOUR FATE. #dadlife,” he wrote alongside a photo of himself wearing makeshift toy sunglasses in order to entertain his two-year-old son and his friends.

While Timberlake didn’t share a photo of Silas’s reaction, we would be that the toddler loved his dad in the goofy shades.

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The musician rarely shares photos of his personal life, but we’ve been lucky lately. Last week for Father’s Day, he shared a collage of family photos, which included several cute shots of his wife Jessica Biel, as well as their son who from the looks of the shots has a baby man bun.

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Could the Timberlake family be any more adorable? We don’t think so.

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