Kaia Gerber’s Brother Presley Got a Tattoo of Her Name and People Have Mixed Feelings

What’s the most you’ve done for your siblings? Let them raid your closet? Hide their embarrassing baby pics? Tell them they’re loved?

For Cindy Crawford’s 18-year-old son, Presley Gerber, the answer is found in the ink. On Thursday, Presley shared an Instagram photo of a brand-new tattoo on his body. To many of his followers’ suprise, the arm tat was dedicated to his younger sister, 16-year-old model sister Kaia Gerber. Her first name in a slim script above the number 23 written in Roman numerals are visible on his left tricep:

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Gerber turned to celebrity-favorite tattoo artist Jon Boy (Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin are clients) for the new piece of art, and Kaia was apparently there to watch him do it during New York Fashion Week, according to Jon Boy’s Instagram.

On Instagram Stories, Kaia wrote “best big bro ever” along with the same photo Presley shared, so she clearly likes the piece in her honor. While we’re not sure what the number “23” could stand for, we do know one thing: fans have mixed feelings about the piece.

Honestly, it’s a sweet gesture for Presley to recognize his love for his sister in such a permanent way, but not everyone feels this way. In the comments, some fans expressed their opinion, writing, “weird af but ok” and “omg wtf” while others quickly came to his defense, explaining that they too have tattoos of their siblings’ names.

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“Don’t judge him because he decided to do something for her sister, you can make an opinion but that opinion doesn’t have to hurt; so if you say “How can anyone tattoo their sister’s name” you are kind of laughing at them, I don’t know I would do that for my brother, but if he did, I look up to him for the great capacity of love he has,” one user wrote.

Tattooing the names of close family members isn’t really all that bizarre. Drew Barrymore, for instance, has the names of her daughters Olive and Frankie on her wrist (below), while Angelina Jolie has seven geographical coordinates on her left bicep (they represent the location where each of her children was born). Sisters Tia and Tamerya Mowry have a tattoo of the word “Jumelles” on their wrists, which means twins in French.