Kangaroo runs amok in Australian home after smashing through window

A family in Australia who woke to a “big bang” discovered a large kangaroo had leapt through a window and was hopping about their home.

Mafi Ahokavo, who lives in Melbourne with his partner and three-year-old son, said he was “stunned” by the sight of the four-and-a-half stone kangaroo, which smashed a second window and scratched a car before being locked it in the bathroom.

“I haven’t even seen a kangaroo in my life,” he told Channel Nine news.

The family was not harmed but the kangaroo’s paws and legs were cut, leaving a trail of blood.

Mr Ahokavo called the police, who contacted animal welfare authorities.

Experts said the kangaroo may have been spooked into jumping through the closed window

Manfred Zabinskas, an animal rescuer, went to the bathroom and  found the exhausted kangaroo lying on the floor. 

“I put a blanket over him and injected a sedative,” he told The Telegraph.  “He was exhausted and didn’t resist.” 

Mr Zabinskas said kangaroos rarely enter houses, particularly, as in this case, via a closed window which had blinds that were drawn. He said the kangaroo must have been “spooked”, perhaps by a  dog or a passing truck or a motorbike. 

The kangaroo was finally locked in a bathroom and sedated

“Something spooked him and he ended up in suburbia. When they are upset they will smash into things. They can be dangerous, more to themselves than humans," he said.

Mr Zabinskas took the kangaroo to a vet, who stitched up the wounds. He then brought the kangaroo to his house, where he runs an animal shelter.

“He is showing signs of great fitness,” he said. “We should be able to release him soon.”

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