Kazuchika Okada On Not Main Eventing Wrestle Kingdom 13: “The Dome Is Always The Dome”

Former-IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada recently sat down with New Japan Pro-Wrestling to talk about his upcoming match against “Switchblade” Jay White. The Rainmaker will be absent from the Tokyo Dome main event for the first time in 4 years. Okada said he isn’t sweating his place on the card, saying the venue is the important thing.

Well, the Dome is always the Dome. So the setting hasn’t changed. But the scenario, not a main event, not a title match. What’s that even like? I can’t remember, so I want to see for myself. I might get pumped up just like a title match, or it might be very different. I won’t know until January 4th, so I’m kinda excited, honestly.

Okada also heaped praise on his Jan. 4th opponent, Jay White, saying that he felt White was the toughest foreigner in the company, calling his potential for growth “scary.”

I don’t think I’m on an island here. The fans as well are now thinking ‘holy sh*t, this guy is something else’. He’s very impressive and only 26. He’s going to grow from here. It’s scary, honestly.

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New Japan Pro-Wrestling

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