Ken Shamrock Talks Issues He Had With WWE, Working With The Rock & More

The following are highlights from a new “Where Are They Now?” interview with UFC Hall Of Famer Ken Shamrock:

On how he initially entered WWE: “Vince McMahon reached out and showed a big interest in me and in changing pro wrestling as we knew it. He came to me and said I could come to WWE and they’d build me into something special. I appreciated his confidence in me.

On his work in WWE with The Rock: “It was great. Working with him is what almost got me to that next level. I thought that, with the matches I had with The Rock, I was going to move up and go after him for the WWE Title. For some reason, that never happened.”

On issues he had with WWE in the past: “I wasn’t being serious and doing what I needed to do to improve. I got bitter, but it was stupid on my part. There were so many guys that deserved an opportunity at the WWE Championship that didn’t get it, that probably deserved it. I look back on it and think I was truly blessed to have gotten those opportunities.”

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