Kim Kardashian Defends Herself After Being “Mommy-Shamed” for Saint West’s Car Seat 

Mom always knows best, right?

In June, Kim Kardashian West received a wave of negative comments on Facebook after taking to the social media platform to share an image of son Saint West facing forward in a car seat (below). The problem? As some users pointed out, California law requires that children under the age of two sit in a rear-facing car seat (Saint doesn’t turn two until December), though any child who weighs over 40 pounds or is at least 40 inches tall is exempt.

So was she abiding by the law? On Thursday, Kardashian West took to her website and app to directly address the issue. In a new clip from Facts (above), a recurring truth or dare-style series on the app, she offers a full explanation. “What people didn’t know is that Saint is now the weight and the height requirement to sit forward-facing. Saint actually weighs more than North, if that is believable, he does. And it is wild,” she said.

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Additionally, she addressed other rumors, like the fact that she carries a $23,000 Hermès Birkin diaper bag for Saint. “I actually do and that’s really wild. But the thing is, it’s a really old bag,” she said, explaining that she purchased the large Birkin years ago and saved it. “When I got pregnant I was like, ‘Perfect, I’ll use this as a diaper bag.’”

When it comes to whether or not the mom of two is obsessed with creating an empire for North West, let’s just say that’s an exaggeration. “No, I don’t have obsessive plans to build her empire. I love her, like, experiencing my life and what goes on,” she said. “But, I also love her having such a childhood life. Whatever she wants to do, I’ll support that. No matter what it is.”

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As for what’s not true? No, her and Victoria Beckham are not fighting (“I never heard of that fight”) and no, she hasn’t told Khloé Kardashian to marry boyfriend Tristan Thompson: “Never said that. Nope. Not true. They should ‘cause they’re so cute together. He’s so sweet but no, we’ve never had that talk.”

There you have it.

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