Kurt Angle Speaks On WWE Rumors & His Discussion With Triple H

Kurt Angle took to Facebook on Friday night in response to Dave Meltzer’s report that he won’t be returning to WWE. Angle had claimed on a Pittsburgh radio station that he had struck a deal with Triple H.

Angle says his discussion with Tripl H didn’t include the brand split, and that his words from the radio interview were twisted. Angle says he’s excited about his future, but not sure how much longer he’ll be in the wrestling game.

Here’s the Olympic gold medalist’s statement in it’s entirety:

In response to some of your questions today regarding the WWE, and all of the media fanfare about it the last few days, I want to, once again, say that our confidential conversation never discussed the brand split. A few wrestling sites seem to have put a spin on this by twisting some words around to fit their agenda, something that I have no control over. What I CAN control is my own life, and my life isn’t only wrestling. I do not expect to be in wrestling much longer. I AM excited about my future. Thank you.

Angle last appeared for RPW in the UK on June 12th when he defeated Zack Sabre Jr, and his next scheduled match is against Cody Rhodes on August 27th for Northeast Wrestling in Wappingers Falls, NY.

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