Let’s Talk About How Hot Jake Johnson Looks in The Mummy

Jake Johnson has always been hot in an attainable way. On New Girl, his character Nick Miller is a scruffy, ditsy but lovable bartender with a bit of a beer belly. He’s like the handsome boy-next-door who doesn’t know he’s hot. That is, until we saw these photos of him looking chiseled in The Mummy. Damn, Nick Miller cleans up well.

The 39-year-old hit the gym extra hard for this movie, and it definitely shows. And if you can look past those toned biceps, you’ll see the square jawline that he’s hiding behind some serious scruff, all of which is adding to his serious glow up.

Universal Pictures

In an interview with Thrillist, Johnson described how he did his own stunts for the film, with some encouragement from his co-star Tom Cruise. “He wanted me to work out with him and get in shape for the movie,” he said. “Tom said, ‘I really want you fit for this movie.’ I literally thought I was going to have to call Max Greenfield to do Crossfit. But Tom said, ‘You’ll be training with me and my trainers. If you want I’ll put you on a food plan with my chef. The food is great.’ And the food was great.”

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As for the stunts, they were pretty terrifying. “Tom and I were galloping over sand dunes and that’s scary. If a horse’s leg gets caught you’re just gone. We were also on a three-story building that was built to collapse and we didn’t have any safety rig, so we just surfed down the roof of a building as it collapsed onto the ground,” he said.

Chiabella James/Universal Pictures

“We jumped off a building as it exploded behind us and landed on a building that was a story below and then did a scene. We ran through an alley as it was being blown up and the machine guns were so loud and so powerful that the airwaves would move your body. It was crazy stuff.”

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Judging by the reviews, ogling at Johnson might just be the best reason to see this movie.