Lewandowski cannot score on his own – Kimmich

The defender insists that the striker is right to stay at the club, but has warned him he cannot score without his team-mates

Bayern Munich defender Joshua Kimmich has backed Robert Lewandowski following the striker’s outburst against the club’s management, but reminded his free-scoring team-mate that he cannot find the net on his own.

Lewandowski slammed the club for not defending him against the criticism that came his way after Bayern’s exit from the Champions League in last season’s semi-finals, saying he “felt no protection” and “felt alone”.

After contemplating a move away from Allianz Arena, Lewandowski revealed the support of the club’s fans convinced him to stay, and Kimmich insists he is taking the Poland international at his word.

“I don’t know what was said to Robert personally and what was said in public,” Kimmich told reporters.

“But if Robert says that he missed that [support from the club], I don’t know if it’s true, but you have to believe him.

“I think that appraisal can’t be defined on the fact what was said in public. It’s just about communication, and you confirm that by talking face-to-face to a player.”

Kimmich hailed Lewandowski’s scoring record at Bayern, where he has plundered 106 Bundesliga goals in just four seasons, conceding the 30-year-old has been the team’s saviour on numerous occasions.

However, Kimmich has suggested that Lewandowski must keep in mind the importance of solidarity between team-mates amid his criticisms of the club’s hierarchy and calls for more support.

“I’m sure, Robert knows how important he is for us,” said Kimmich. “It is almost certain that he scores 30 goals in a Bundesliga season.

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“On the other hand, he has to realise that he won’t score all those goals without the help of his team-mates. He can’t do that on his own.

“So there is not only appraisal from the other players towards him, but there has to be some appraisal from Robert towards us, too.”