LOOK: The Undertaker Appears Out of Character, Talks Vince McMahon and WWE’s New Generation

The Undertaker recently gave an emotional interview to Pastor Ed Young. The interview was out of character as The Deadman spoke from the heart about his wife, former WWE Superstar Michelle McCool. He also spoke of course about WWE, as well as Vince McMahon.

Taker was asked his opinion about the man that brought him into WWE and helped him realize his full potential as a pro wrestler.

“He is awesome. He would never ask anybody to do anything that he wouldn’t do and he’s really built an empire just from hard work and dedication and energy, which, when you see him, that man and what he puts into it, you feel like well, I’ve at least gotta try and match that. He’s an awesome leader and I call him boss but I think we’re more like friends now more than we are employee and company owner.”

The Phenom also talked about today’s crop of WWE Superstars, who he praised for their athleticism. But he also offered his own take on their high-risk style in the ring.

“What happens when you learn that style, like if you’re going to get the top rope and do a backflip onto somebody on the floor, that’s what the audience gets conditioned to see, so they’re not as invested in that character, they don’t care as much about that character, as they are about what they’re gonna do that’s going to blow their mind.

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After a couple of times of seeing that, ‘okay well, now what do you got for me?’ So they gotta continue to up their game, ‘well now I gotta do two flips and a twist and do it on the concrete.”

Taker went on to say that he wanted fans to care about his character and that storytelling in the ring is not about the moves, it’s about using the moves to tell the story. Many WWE fans surely agree with that sentiment, as much of today’s industry is geared toward high-flying, high impact offense.

Whether or not The Undertaker will continue on in WWE is unknown, As of this writing, he is not booked to work at WrestleMania 35 but that could change at any time. However, judging from this interview, it does seem as if The Deadman is moving on with his life apart from the business.