Lucha Underground results: The Battle of the Bulls begins

The show begins with a recap of the Worldwide Underground’s reign of terror — including them taking out Angelico’s leg with a car door months ago. The Cage vs. Texano best-of-five series is then recapped before we see the horribly-acted Sexy Star and Mack segment before she lost the Lucha Underground title to Johnny Mundo.

Dario Cueto is in his office signing papers before Angelico interrupts him and says he wants Mundo tonight — title or not. Dario says that he can’t do that because Mundo has lawyered up, and Angelico threatens legal action due to the beatings he received. Dario is threatened, then says that he will put Angelico in the Battle of the Bulls tournament to possibly get a shot.

Vampiro talks about the Battle of the Bulls tournament — it will be a series of fatal four-way matches with the last one being an elimination match. The winner of that match gets a title shot. Matt Striker says that one word defines Cage — power, while great defines Texano.

Famous B is booed out of the building introducing Dr. Wagner Jr. — and then gets beaten up by Cage.

Cage defeated Texano, Joey Ryan, and Dr. Wagner Jr. in a Battle of the Bulls tournament match

Wagner starts off strong with a stiff kick to Cage. Cage eats a beating from Texano before he takes a few licks from the bull rope. Joey hits a suicide dive to Wagner before Texano hits one, and then Cage moonsaults onto the pile as they just stand around for some reason.

Cage gets two off a pumphandle facebuster. An outside-in powerplex hits Wagner while Ryan dives into a jackhammer for two. Wagner and Texano backdrop Cage, and then Texano spinebusters Joey for two. Wagner lands a standing tornado DDT and an energetic dragon screw leg whip on Texano. A super cutter hits, but he can’t cover. 

Joey hits a spinebuster for two. Cage catches him and charges into the corner, but Joey hits a spinning neckbreaker off the second rope for two. Cage hits a tower of doom powerbomb on the pile. Cage tosses Wagner and Famous B around at one time. Joey eats a superkick from Texano and then a sit-out powerbomb, but Cage steals the pin and wins the match.

Dario tells Sexy Star that he likes her and says she’s a fighter and the title was taken from her. He will give her a unique opportunity — a match with PJ Black, and if she wins, she’ll get a rematch.

Moreover, no one can interfere in the title match because it will be in a steel cage. However, if she loses tonight, she will never get an LU title shot again. She’s okay with this, but warns him that his troubled past could become a troubled future at her hands.  

Reyes meets with his cop boss, who tells him that she doesn’t trust Mehan anymore. Reyes says that his cover is blown now and she says that he’ll return as a new man — under a mask.

Sexy Star comes out for her match with PJ Black while Striker talks about how she’s overcome all the odds and says she’s now the Princess of Power — complete with a wacky Power Rangers getup.

Sexy Star defeated PJ Black

Star hits a rana and then eats a run-up armdrag. She hits a series of forearms and kicks before hitting a rana. PJ plants her mid-ring and works on her neck. He locks on a pendulum submission before bonking her head into the buckle. Vampiro and Striker talk about how brave Star is and how you shouldn’t pity her.

PJ avoids a neck crank and hits a lift-up suplex. Star hoists him up top and slaps away at him before hitting a super rana. PJ rolls through it and hits a Styles Clash for two. He misses the top rope springboard moonsault and she lands a series of kicks before spiking him with a DDT for two. Jack Evans comes down and throws a bat in the ring, but it leads to PJ’s downfall as he’s distracted and eats a sunset flip to lose.

Kobra Moon is her in throne room talking about how great their tribe was. Pindar was one of their generals — so he should play a larger role in things and she has the two other generals of her tribe rise above her. She tells them to bring her the man who was once a dragon — so Drago is doomed.

Dario asks Matanza if he wants to be in the Battle of the Bulls tournament, but Matanza just wants Rey Mysterio. Dario tries to entice him to go after El Dragon Azteca Jr. Dario insults Matanza’s intelligence, so Matanza grabs his head and slams it into the cage before reaching for the key.

The Mack defeated Marty the Moth, Dragon Azteca Jr., and Mil Muertes in a Battle of the Bulls tournament match

Mil Muertes runs wild on everyone with heavy uppercuts. Mack and Marty punch and kick away at him before sending him to the floor. They double team Dragon Azteca with heavy chops, but Azteca holds onto Marty before Mack hits a flying knee strike. Mack rushes in and eats a kick and then a giant self-flapjack into a spinning DDT. Marty and Muertes go at it before Muertes hits 10 lariats in the corner.

Muertes hits a suicide spear onto Marty on the pile on the floor. Striker calls this a minestrone of masochism before Vampiro says he’ll need to have a word with him later. Everyone gangs up on Muertes before Azteca sends Mack flying. Muertes goes for a powerbomb, but eats a rana and a 450. Azteca doesn’t go for a cover and instead Matanza comes down and powerbombs Azteca onto Muertes.

The Wrath of the Gods from Matanza lands on Azteca before Dario comes out with a bloody towel held to his face and asks him to come back. Marty tries to steal the pin, but Mack prevents it. A running stunner hits and the Mack wins!