Matt Cardona attacks Nick Gage in surprise GCW appearance

Add Matt Cardona to the list of talents that want a piece of GCW Champion Nick Gage.

The Impact Wrestling star made a surprise appearance at GCW’s Zombie Walk show Sunday in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and attacked Gage after his successful title defense against Jimmy Lloyd.

Gage was destroying light tubes and such that were left in the ring when a man dressed in a black hooded robe and mask entered the ring staggering like Jon Moxley. He then kicked Gage in the gut and delivered Moxley’s Paradigm Shift DDT, making fans think it was the former AEW Champion.

Instead, Cardona took off the mask and revealed himself to a thunderous ovation which eventually turned into some boos. Before he left, he grabbed Gage’s title belt and held it over his head.

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Moxley recently made his own surprise appearance to confront Gage at last month’s GCW Draft Day and the two brawled to end the show.