Melania Trump’s Latest Outfit Seems to Say, “I’m Here” 

The First Lady had not been seen for 24 days prior to her appearance at the Monday’s Gold Star Memorial event for the families of fallen soldiers at the White House. At the event, which was closed to the press, Melania wore a simple black sheath dress—an appropriate look for an evening of mourning and reflection. 

As you’ll recall, Melania was heavily criticized the last time that FEMA was making headlines. Back in August, the First Lady’s decision to leave the White House clad in her signature pointy-toe stilettos while boarding the plane to survey the havoc wreaked by Hurricane Harvey was seen by many as a tone-deaf—not to mention, impractical—outfit. She later decamped from Air Force One wearing sweats, sneakers, and a baseball cap reading “FLOTUS.”

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Overall, it was President Trump who took more flak for his response (or lack thereof) to the hurricanes that plagued the U.S. and Puerto Rico in 2017. Several studies report that as many as 4,600 perished following Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, however, the official death toll still stands at under 100. President Trump has yet to acknowledge the discrepancy in these numbers. 

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Melania is expected to attend a Congressional picnic next, followed by a July 4th celebration alongside the president. She will no longer attend the G7 Summit in Canada or President Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un in Singapore as was initially planned. 

Until next time, Melania.