Michael Cohen Trying To Get Judge to Block Examination of Material Seized by FBI

Following a raid by the FBI at his offices and places of residence earlier this week, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen on Friday is attempting to get a judge to block the ability of federal prosecutors to use any of the materials seized.

With a hearing before U.S. District Court Judge Kimba Wood, Cohen sought a restraining order so that review of anything seized by authorities on Monday would be put on hold.

According to the Associated Press:

The New York Daily News reports that Judge Wood, during Friday’s hearing, indicated she “was inclined to rule in favor of a delay” based on the application to the court submitted by Cohen’s attorney, Joanna Hendon.

For her part, Hendon suggested the other person likely most interested in the seizure of the materials, and the outcome of any prosecution stemming from what might be contained in them, was President Trump himself.

“Ultimately, in my view, this is of most concern to him,” Hendon said, referring to the president. “[He] has an acute interest in these proceedings.”