More News on Lack Of Promotion & Ticket For Greatest Royal Rumble

WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble Event is less than a week away yet it is being said that the event is barely even half sold. The promotion for the Greatest Royal Rumble Event has reportedly been lackluster and it is being said that the only people who know about the show in Saudi Arabia are the hardcore wrestling fans.
The Saudi General Sports Authority is responsible for finding a way to fill the stadium and it is likely that they will be able to do that through either extremely low ticket prices or by giving the tickets away for free.
The government is said to be taking the hit for almost all the costs associated to the event and most tickets are priced at either $2.67 USD or $5.34 USD. There are reportedly  other tickets that are more expensive and these tickets are priced at $80 USD which includes free drinks, but those seats are in the VIP section and are reserved for the Sports Authority and their celebrity friends, which in a way makes them free too as those people won’t be paying for them.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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