Nash Reveals Which 2 Wrestlers AEW Could Sign That Would Change The Game

Kevin Nash recently appeared as a guest on an episode of the Catch Club for an interview. During the discussion, the WWE Hall Of Famer spoke at length about the new All Elite Wrestling (AEW) promotion. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On which two Superstars he thinks would change the landscape of the industry if they jumped to AEW like he and Scott Hall did when they jumped to WCW in the 1990s: “I can have anybody? I’d want Cena! I’d want Cena and Lesnar. I’d also take Rollins. Even though Orton has been there a while, I think Orton is still young. I would have Rey Mysterio. I would want stars that have been around a while. If Roman was healthy, of course I’d have him. I would have him anyway. But if I had to pick two guys I would pick Cena and Lesnar. That would change the landscape of professional wrestling.”

On Vince McMahon likely not being concerned with AEW and what they key to AEW’s success is: “Well, WWE is a multimedia corporation that’s publicly traded in the NY Stock Exchange. AEW is a LLC that’s just starting. I heard they have $100 million startup money, but I think it’s interesting. I had a chance to work with the Young Bucks when I was in TNA. I think they are great guys. Chris Jericho and I are friends. I don’t know Omega very well but I watched his work, I like his work. Cody of course, I worked with his father and his brother. I’ve never been in the ring with Cody but I’ve been around him.

“They’ve got a very good nucleus of guys. They’ve got the wrestling community interested. It just depends if they can grab the 8 to 12 years old. If you get me and I’m 25 years old and I want to go, I can drive myself. If you get three 8 year olds, they have to grab mom and dad, each kid is going to get the Cena hat, Cena shirt and wristband. They are going to walk out of there and they spent a thousand dollars. I guarantee you Vince isn’t rolling at night, losing any sleep over the situation.”

Check out the complete Kevin Nash interview with the Catch Club below.

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